Medical Devices from Zenith Allmart Precisindo

Zenith Medical (Zenmed+) is a brand from Zenith Allmart Precisindo for medical devices products that developed from collaboration with medical practitioner and researcher from university to “Improves Quality of Life”.

Products of Zenmed+ have divided into 2 main division which are Orthopedic such as Spine System and Traumatic Implants and Electro medic such as Vital Sign Monitor and Colposcope Camera.

Zenmed+ Orthopedic

Zenmed+ Orthopedic Implant is a product range which made from SS316, SS316L dan Titanium. These implant was 100% made from local material with Investment Casting process which is a result from joint research with   BRIN and Kemenristekdikti since 2014. These products are distributed by PT. AMPI and PT. ZMP.

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Zenmed+ Spine System

Zenmed+ Spine System is a new product in collaboration with dr. Rizal Pohan SpOT (Spine Consultant) which will be an alternative product for spine system needs in Indonesia. These products are distributed by PT. AMPI and PT. ZMP
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Zenmed+ Medical Simulators

Zenmed+ Medical Simulator

Zenmed+ Simulator is an innovative product from the RID Zenith Allmart Precisindo division which aims to develop health aids, especially in the field of simulation in the training process for health workers. Zenmed+ CPR Simulator is a product that has been developed to assist health workers in CPR rescue training. These products will be distributed by PT. IDSMED.

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Zenmed+ Electromedic

Zenmed+ Electromedic

Zenmed+ Electromedic Device is the result of innovation from the RID Zenith Allmart Precisindo division which aims to develop health aid products that combine the latest technology. Zenmed+ Colposcope is one of the innovative products from Zenmed+ Electromedic, which can be used to screen for cervical cancer without having to make contact with the patient. These products will be distributed by PT. ZMP.

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Local Content

 Made in Indonesia (Local Content up to 70-80%).


 Quality comply to ASTM F138.


Manufactured in Indonesia with a Competitive price.


Design to suit Asian People Bone Structure.

Cloud System

Supported by Cloud System for quick information access.


Every piece of distributed implant can be trace to the end user (patient).

Products Innovation Zenmed+

Since 2014, Zenith Allmart Precisindo has collaborated with many parties to develop innovative products to help meet the needs for medical equipment needed by Indonesia

Medical Practitioner
Product Innovation
Implant Production Process

Every piece of Zenmed+ orthopedic implant is made by using investment casting finished with CNC machining process. This video show the whole process from raw material until packed and ready for delivery.

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Who is the Manufacturer?

ZenMed+ is manufactured by Zenith Allmart Precisindo, a metal foundry for precision casting (also known as investment casting and lost-wax casting) and subsequent machining process. Zenith Allmart Precisindo is a metal casting supplier for global industries worldwide: Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Indonesia. Zenith Allmart Precisindo already certified ISO 9001:2015 and PED 2014/68/EU Annex.I,4.3 & AD 2000-W0 along with BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

What the main material for Zenmed+ Orthopedic Implants?

Each of Zenmed+ orthopedic implant is made of SS-316L or Titanium which standard comply to ASTM F138/ISO 5832-1 and ASTM A 276 for surgical implants (Bio-Medical Grade)

What the main feature of Zenmed+ Orthopedic Implants?

Variant of Zenmed+ Orthopedic Implants had been design to suit Asian Bone Structure, Traceablity supported by Cloud System and competitive Price.